The little black dress reloaded

The little black dress has been around the fashion scene since the 1920’s but back then it was only reserved for mourning periods. That mourning vibe psshhh! The little black dress is reloaded and is now the everyday go to dress.


The little black dress is the single most popular dress of all time and has earned its spot in the fashion scene.  It is the most trusted dress as it pairs well with every other color and that other thing it does so well…hide those “body flaws”. Every time you accessorize your little black dress differently you look like you are wearing a new outfit altogether. That’s why every girl should own at least two of these trusted numbers. It does help that every now and then designers come up with new little black dress trends.

Below are some ideas on how and where to wear your little black dress.

# A black dress for Office wear

A black sheath dress would work perfectly for the office. Since black is considered a dull color pairing it with bright accessories will help brighten your look while giving you that chic factor.

OFFICE-WEAR#A black dress for church

A simple black skater dress will always do you justice. With this number you could always do something after church like go out for lunch as the same dress will suit the occasion. Just make sure it’s not a very sunny day.


#A black dress for that dinner date

Whether you have a dinner date with the main man in your life or you have a friend’s birthday dinner to grace… the little black dress is your friend. Besides looking sexy you won’t have to keep sucking in your stomach much after you’ve eaten as the dress will camouflage things for you.

DINNER-WITH-THE-MISTER BIRTHDAY-DINNER# A black dress for a prom-like event

Prom is always a glitzy affair and if you’re not an overly colorful person then black would be your go to color. Just accessorize appropriately.

PROM#A black dress for a Red carpet event

This number is not exactly little but it is black and will suit a red carpet/glamorous event. It will work well for your figure too.


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