Foods that help fix minor health problems

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and good old water can work as natural medicine for minor health problems as they aid in regulating biological functions in your body. Check out below which ones specifically will work for your little problem.


#For bloating issues

Juicy fruits and vegetables or foods with high water content like watermelon, papaya celery and cucumber will help sort you out. These help to excrete excess sodium and water hence relieving you of bloating.

#For a mood boost

Eating breakfast that contains whole grain cereal and low fat milk regularly will help sort you out especially if eaten an hour after waking up.

#For skin issues

Vegetables with antioxidants such as onions, leeks and scallion (eaten raw or slightly cooked) will help your skin get the necessary minerals to open up your pores.

#For insomnia issues

If you are the type of person that can’t sleep when even slightly hungry  then snack on something that contains complex carbohydrates 30 minutes before going to bed. Sugars digest very slowly at night but complex carbs like cheese and whole wheat are allowed as before bedtime snacks as they help balance your sugar levels the whole night.

#For horrible PMS

If you suffer from this then your iron levels may be low. To boost your iron levels you could eat iron-fortified cereal, fresh spinach and white beans which are rich in the iron mineral.

For sunlight sensitivity

You may want to eat carrots, spinach, watermelon and tomatoes very often as these contain micronutrients that aid in absorption of UV light and prevents sun damage and wrinkles.


To deal with all the above
Water is the truth! A dehydrated body will not function normally and if you deny your body water it will try and hoard as much water as possible leaving you feeling uncomfortably. So, if you suffer from any of the above mentioned issues then increase your water intake for a normal functioning body.






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