MissTravel.com hooks up the rich and the willing

Well MissTravel.com also takes precautions in conducting background verifications just in case your companion doesn’t happen to be who they say they are. However, the site reminds users to use common sense: “Remember, online dating is risky, and we always recommend that our members practice a common sense approach when meeting a stranger online.”

Registering on MissTravel.com is an easy two-step process. Simply select the membership type:

1) Attractive Traveler If you are a beautiful person who wants to travel for free, just signup as a “Attractive Traveler”. Attractive Travelers are adventurous and open minded people who love to travel, but lacks the budget to do so.

2) If you are a generous sponsor, signup as a “Generous Traveler”. Generous Travelers are generous members who are seeking to travel with a beautiful companion, and who are willing to pay for all travel expenses. Generous Travelers can use our website for free. Pay only when you decide to communicate with any Attractive Traveler.

When members decide to travel, users select the appropriate Trip Suggestion:

  1. Travel with Me: Choose this option if you want to find someone to travel with you to a new destination.
  2. Come to Me: Choose this option, if you wish for someone to travel to your home city.
  3. Show Me Your Town: Choose this option, if you want to visit someone at his/her home city.

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