It’s black, it’s white and chic all over!

Trends come and go. Some become great hits while some great misses. Some suit almost everyone, while some can be pulled off by only a few. Luckily, the black and white trend is that trend that can be pulled off by everyone if done the right way.


Black and White. Two very basic colors but when combined together to create a fashionable impression BAM! You get clean, you get bold, you get classic and you get sophisticated. Two simple colors that pack on a ton of sleek possibilities.


Pulling off an all white and black ensemble is easy peasy. Just. Stick. To. The. Two. Colors. Even when it comes to shoes and accessories, resist from introducing another color and stick to the black and/or white color scheme. Introducing a different color will reduce the impact you wanted to create in the first place.

bw4 bw3 bw2

Go for the print you feel great in and what you’d usually wear whether it’s stripes, grids, graphics or maybe just a bold plain piece…the choice is yours.

Pulling off white pants in Nairobi can be a tricky affair but for the love of the trend try it anyway.


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