OLX launch the OLX SELL IT reality show

Looking to make some quick money by selling stuff you no longer use, are just occupying your space and might be cramping your style? Well, fret not! OLX has it all  figured out for you.


The first episodes of the OLX SELL IT reality show blasted off on Monday night, July 1st at 19:00, at the Century Cinemax movie theatre in the Junction shopping mall. Hosted by Eric Omondi, the episodes of the show saw the popular Kenyan comedian helping people make extra cash during these trying economic times.

The non-scripted reality show demonstrated how people can make money by selling items that they barely use. Speaking about the show, OLX Kenya Country Manager, Peter Ndiangúi, commented: “We are really proud of the OLX SELL IT show. It gives us the unique opportunity to create awareness about our groundbreaking service to the Kenyan audience. The show not only provides entertainment for the viewers, but it also offers some sort of education by giving them useful tips on how to make money via the OLX platform.”

OLX is one of the largest and most successful FREE online classifieds site in the world with presence in over 90 countries. The site provides safe and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers.

Mr. Ndiangúi is adamant to make it clear that “OLX is not a service made for people who possess computers”. “The reality series shows viewers how they can make money off of their cellular phones via the mobile site or the OLX mobile app. The easy-to-use mobile app is tailored to suit whichever device the consumer uses”, he says.

Over the years, people have used OLX to sell items, find a job or rent an apartment. OLX has a wide network of buyers and sellers who engage in negotiations in person. There are no complicated online payments and credit cards are not necessary.

Priscilla Muhiu, the Marketing Manager of OLX Kenya, said that the OLX Sell It show helps address a certain need. “People know about OLX but they don’t understand how to use it or how it works. There was need to simplify the message and to showcase how consumers can benefit from it, hence the development of the SELL IT show.”

Mrs. Muhiu is keen to stress that OLX is not competing against other social networking sites. “Consumers can link their OLX account to social media profiles for example; Facebook. and Twitter This will enable their ads to be posted automatically on Facebook and Twitter when they share their ads from their OLX account. As you can see, the two platforms complement each other pretty well”, she says.

E-commerce in Kenya has displayed remarkable potential over the years. More than 30% of Kenyans (appromximately14 million) can access the Internet. This number is growing and, according to projections, more than 50% of the population will have Internet access before the end of the year since the government is set to launch the National broadband strategy. Current trends show that Kenyans have discovered the convenience of shopping online. Many companies are being compelled to take their businesses online in order to enhance their value proposition.

For more information, check out the website: www.olx.co.ke. You can also subscribe to the YouTube page (youtube.com/olxkenya).

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  1. Allan Abbas June 1st, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Well done Kenya, a challenge for my beloved Tanzania to make it into the top 10.

  2. Mohammed Bakari August 22nd, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Ethiopia is a new entrant becoz of the fine women and athletics…


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