30% of women sad after sex thanks to PCD


Common causes of sexually related depression

While the study explains to us about the dysphoria after sex, there may be causes of depression before, during of even after sex that come due to past experiences such as:

•Rape and Child Sexual Abuse.

•Sexual Aggression in Warfare. Religious and Ethnic Conflicts.

•Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape

•Intimate Partner Rape and Violence.

•Sexual Harassment


What causes PCD?

There are a few suggestions as to the causes of PCD such as:

•Hormonal imbalance that leads to some form of irritability, mood swings or anxiety

•Poor choice of partners where most women regret the choice of the men they have long after they are tied to the relationship. This is common in both parties an to some extend leads to other marital problems if it persists. However, Robert Simmons, MD, a clinical psychologist in Virginia, says that feeling “blue” after sex because of regretting a choice of partner does not fall under the definition of PCD and is not a type of sexual dysfunction.

Do you have PCD? How do you treat it? Continued on next page…

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