30% of women sad after sex thanks to PCD


Sex is a wonderful thing.  Everybody loves sex, whether they like talking about it openly or not. For all you males reading this, wouldn’t you like to be known around town as the greatest man between sheets of all time? Or husbands and men in steady relationship – wouldn’t you like your woman to be amazed at your new found sexual knowledge and have her beg you for more sex? Sex can be the greatest pleasure a person can ever experience – or a major disappointment.

A recent study of female clients done by Australian researchers and a professor at the University of Utah found that post-coital dysphoria (PCD)  is common among women. PCD, as they explained it “is the experience of negative affect following otherwise satisfactory sexual intercourse.” they went on to state that people who experience PCD do not have the usual happy feelings; but feel sad, anxious, irritable or melancholy. It is not generally referred to as depression after sex.

An abstract of this study published in the international journal of sexual health states that the study examined the lifetime and 4-week prevalence of post coital dysphoria (PCD) and its relationship with psychological distress and reports of past sexual abuse. It states that “Among 222 female university students, 32.9% reported having ever experienced PCD whereas 10% reported experiencing PCD in the previous 4 weeks.” From the study there was some correlation with the past experiences with psychological distress, and the lifetime prevalence of PCD, but not the 4-week prevalence, was also correlated with reports of childhood sexual abuse.

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