P-Unit smashes the targeted list of top earners


(By SUMAYA ABDUL) Kenya’s famous, most dashing artistic hip hop group rappers P-Unit might as well be known now as Kenya’s wealthiest musicians. The group consisting of rappers Frasha, Gabu and Bon-Eye smashed the bulls-eye on the list of top earners especially because of their hit single “You Guy” unseating Nonini  a competitor commonly known for his controversial and sexually explicit lyrics.

P-Unit emerged the top earners in the last quarter distribution as released by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) on Friday, 21, June. The crew has released a highly effective album “Wagenge Hao” recorded at Decimal media by “Eric Musiyoka”, having 17  tracks most effective being “Kare”, “Hapa Kule”, “Una”, “Juu Tu Sana”, “Kushoto Kulia”, and “Si lazima”, with the last two featuring Nonini.

At the 2007 Kisima Music Awards. P-Unit won the Boomba Group category. They released a song “Gentleman” with Sauti Sol  in late 2011 produced by R-Kay.

In 2012 they released one of the biggest hits “You Guy (Dat Dendai)” featuring Collo and produced by Decimal’s Eric Musyoka. The video was released later and was reportedly banned from Citizen TV Kenya for being a “goodu one”. They released a new single ‘Mobimba’ in March 2013 which features Alicios Thelugi.

Capital Lifestyle Magazine says: “Keep rocking P-UNIT!”

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