Who said the “Hijab” can’t be fashionable?


Muslim women are commonly known throughout the world as women who are “fashion illiterate.”   Widely misunderstood thanks to their choice of modest clothing, Muslim women are actually very inquisitive about the way they dress, even in the scarf they wear, a Hijab.

The Hijab is a sign of modesty, integrity, dignity, morality and symbolizes a woman who respects herself. Muslim women wear the Hijab because it is a command from God (Allah), and because a woman who does not wear the Hijab is seen as immoral.

The Hijab (head scarf) is now being worn in different prints, materials, and are being decorated with all sorts of embroidery. The most interesting fact is that the Hijab is now becoming a source of beauty and elegance instead of the “I am anti-social” attitude. Muslims have now found a way to express themselves in a completelydifferent way through fashion.

Hijab fashion is mostly practiced in Britain and the UAE, whereby young Muslim ladies have begun tutorials online on how to tie the Hijab in different styles and also use accessories on the piece of cloth, the most famous being the Pearl Daisy and Yazthespaz, who not only offer online tutoring videos; but also have their own websites and distribute their embellished Hijabs and other Islamic accessories and dresses (known as Abayas), worldwide.

A “muslimah’s” (a Muslim lady) wardrobe is popularly imagined to include mostly the shade of black ( bui bui or abaya). Hijabs are now colorful, elegant, gorgeous, and still allow Muslim women to wear the hijab on their heads.

The most dazzling fashion websites are the “Artizara”, “Islamic Fashion”, “Aminakin Pearl Daisy”, “Alvina”, and “Yazthespaz”. Hairbands, jewelry, and other hair accessories are now being worn on the Hijab and not the hair. New glittery accessories introduced by “Pearl Daisy” called hijablings are also changing the world of the Hijab.



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