Remembering ‘I Am Legend’ author Richard Matheson

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Richard Matheson (born February 20, 1926) was an American author and screenwriter, primarily in the fantasy, horror and science genres. Matheson was commonly known as the author of What Dreams May Come, Bid Time Return, Duel and I am Legend. Matheson was found dead on Sunday at his home in Los Angeles.

During his 87 years, Matheson had written about 25 novels and over 100 short stories, together with screenplays for television and film.  Many of his novels were made into movies, and he was credited with popularizing the zombie genre.

Matheson’s most famous and popular film was 2007’s I Am Legend, starring Will Smith.  The film starred Will Smith as the last man on earth trying to cure a genetically-engineered virus that turned humans into diseased vampire-like creatures.


Matheson was a major contributor to Rod Serling’s cult classic television series “The Twilight Zone.”  He also wrote for the “Alfred Hitchcock Hour” and also lent his creative zing to the Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within”.

“Richard Matheson has been a singular voice in fiction whose prolific written is as unforgettable as the television and filmed entertainment, it has been inspired for more than half a century,” a Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences statement read.

Matheson was also responsible for the Twilight Zone episodeSteel.”  He is also credited for influencing several generations of storytellers including Stephen King, who dedicated his 2006 novel Cell, to Matheson.

Matheson’s memory will be instilled in the minds of his fans through his inspiring, hypnotically amazing films. His artistic mind will always be complimented on throughout history.


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