‘Man of Steel’ turns into man of “mush?”

man of steel mush

Once upon a time, there was a Superman, he was a beacon of hope – the symbol he bears on his chest – for hopeless and helpless people. In true superhero fashion, with grace and in dramatic fashion, effortlessly, he rescues people in need. But ‘Man of Steel’ paints a very different Superman, one who struggles with his life as an immigrant on Earth, a lifetime of trying to fit-in, and trying to be American.

Don’t worry, there are incredible jaw-dropping action scenes in ‘Man of Steel,’ with that being said, there’s also plenty “I feel,” “I can’t do this” and “you’re not my dad” conversations.  The heroic Superman only comes to life towards the last quarter of the film.

‘Man of Steel’ will occasionally make you shed a tear or so, rather than instilling hope that there may be an imaginary Superman watching over all of us.  There are those that will appreciate this vulnerable and humanistic perspective of the superhero, but are audiences ready for this mushy version?

The development of Superman’s relationship with his love interest, award-winning journalist Lois Lane, also felt too forced.  There were a few desperate lustful glances here and there, and yes, Superman saves her multiple times in ‘Man of Steel,’ but I imagine the real story is that after 143 minutes, there wasn’t enough time.

‘Man of Steel’ is a touching film, but couldn’t the filmmakers wait until a second movie to introduce the intense story of baby to teenage Clark Kent to Superman? Sounds boring right?  Actually, three people walked-out during my screening on Sunday.

‘Man of Steel’ is like narrating some boring legend, which no audience finds interesting. Who cares where he came from? What we want to see is Superman flying and saving peoples’ lives, that’s what we know him for.

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: What do you think of ‘Man of Steel?’  Yay or nay?

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