Customers to enjoy unlimited internet bundles on Airtel


Airtel Kenya has today announced the return of unlimited internet bundles to all its pre-paid customers in the country.

The daily unlimited bundle will now cost Kshs. 250,the weekly unlimited bundle will cost Kshs. 1299 while the monthly unlimited bundle will cost Kshs. 3,500.Amount of data downloaded on the daily unlimited package is set at 3GB, 15GB on the weekly unlimited and30GB on the monthly unlimited.

Access to the internet has become universal and essential for all people and offering affordable and quality internet access is key to enabling our customers achieve more in their daily lives,for  both personal and business development.

“Access to affordable quality internet is key to empowering our customers to accomplish more with every shilling they spend with us. We are delighted to introduce the unlimited internet offers to our customers as a sign of our commitment to offer affordable data services to our customers and increase data penetration in Kenya” said Mr. Shivan Bhargava, Airtel Kenya managing director said,

The company recently launched daily, weekly and monthly data bundles dubbed (named the Eazy blaze)  that enable its customers to embrace a highly mobile way of working with high speed access to email and internet and get more of their favorite downloads, music, movies and to interact on the social media online

Mr. Bhargava also reaffirmed Airtel’s commitment to work towards the acceleration in the achievement of the Vision 2030 goals that seek to offer the Kenyan population access to affordable telephony and internet services including the increase in mobile penetration, infrastructure development and the acceleration internet and email access in order to drive GDP growth.

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