Ladies, here are signs your man is a clingy mess

*The thought of you going out with friends puts his moods in a damper

As much as sometimes he cannot tell you not to hang out with your friends for fear you might get upset and leave him, he feels ever insecure that you might meet someone else while you’re out without him. It pains him so much that instantly he develops a weird mood.

In a worse case scenario he will tag along with you to the girls nights out or will insist to come and pick you up once you’re done not forgetting that he’ll be calling every hour to ask if you’re done.

*He might have strange requests

He feels weird that you are still in contact with your exes he might ask you to cut all ties with them. He will constantly try to take you on guilt trips if he finds out that you’ve been communicating with the ex.


He will also try to  isolate you from your friends and when you’re with your friends he is always in a funk because he feels left out. Seeing you having fun with others depresses him a little and so you will be forced to always go home a little earlier than planned. To him having little parties in the house just the two of you is what makes him happy even if you are bored out of your skulls.

Have you watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall? (see the trailer below) it will give you a clue on how clingy men behave.If you are in a relationship with a clingy man, you are in the wrong relationship! Don’t marry this guy, because it gets worse. Unless you are also clingy.A clingy man is a disturbed man and something is definitely wrong with him. You may think it’s sweet that he wants to spend all his time with you and he needs you around all  the time but be aware, that it is not healthy and you will see the repercussions of staying with such a man later and believe me it gets messy. You will be two lonely people, in your own little boring world with no one wanting to hang out with you while the rest of the world is busy living a full carefree life.


Clingy is the worst thing a man can be. You may think it’s sweet at first but be aware, soon you will be trying to break free but it might be too late.


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