Ladies, here are signs your man is a clingy mess

*He doesn’t have friends of his own

Since this guy feels that he needs to spend every waking hour with you his friends have to take a  back seat. He becomes so focused on you such that! At some point  his friends ceased indulging him because he always brought you everywhere even when the boys were against it.


*“Do you love me?” is a question he poses every so often

His insecurities make him want to constantly seek reassurance that you love him and you won’t leave him. He often asks this question out of the blue even sends you texts to inquire if you still do. He is always deep in thought and randomly blurts out future fantasies about the two of you together forever and in love.

*He constantly makes plans to ensure you are always together

He includes you in everything he does even if it is something that doesn’t concern you. He brings you to all his work functions  and his plans are always arranged way in advance to make sure that you don’t make plans with other people.


*Just the thought of you cheating is an instant depressant

He often goes through your phone and tries to listen in on your conversations. He may pretend that it doesn’t bother him that you have male friends but it actually does. He tries not to have any contact with any other female including colleagues while secretly hoping that you’ll do the same.

*He is always dropping by

He often shows up at your work place, at the salon when you’re getting your hair done or when you are having a girls night out. He feels the need to always check if there’s another guy involved. He doesn’t mind sitting in the salons lobby waiting for you. To him  watching you in the hands of your male hairdresser is much more fun than watching football with the boys at a sports bar. He is always conveniently in the neighborhood just passing by and so he decided to come say hi.

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