Ladies, here are signs your man is a clingy mess


Eeek! Who likes a clinger? It’s like wearing a shirt with an irritating tag at the back that keeps poking at you. Arrrghhh! Even mothers with clingy children sometimes just want to  run and hide from their clingy little ones. Fine, sometimes in relationships it is allowed to be  insecure like when we are not quite sure what our significant other is getting up to. In such cases the wise thing to do is to do nothing about it! Do not voice it out or act on it at least until he/she gives you a full reason to pull out your insecurity guns. Often women are known to be the openly clingy bunch but nowadays there are worryingly increasing cases of men being overly insecure hence being too clingy. And when a man is clingy…it’s disgusting and messy. Clingy does not look good on any man!

You may mistake Mr. clingy man with Mr. Possessive. So you’re not sure if your man is a clingy mess? Below are clues:

*Miss his call and he misses his cue to keep his cool

A clingy man always imagines that you want to leave him so he is very insecure. When you miss his call for whatever reason he starts imagining his own things like maybe you are cuddling with another. Whenever you miss his calls and he raises hell about it later…then you got yourself a clinger!

*Without you he is lost!
A clingy man wants to constantly be beside you. He does not have his own life and no friends for that matter. He has even taken a liking to some of your hobbies so that you can spend more time together. He has also become like your “handbag” in that you have to bring him everywhere with you…Clingy much?


This man feels the need to be around you at all times. He is afraid of life unknown without you in it. The only thing that might matter to him besides you is his work because he feels the need to provide for you so that you can stick around. He works very hard too. Aside from work, he always wants to spend every waking hour with you.

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