6 everyday male grooming imperatives!

Wear lip balm all the time! –  The key word here being balm NOT gloss! Your lips need moisture as there are natural atmospheric agents that deplete them of moisture… like wind and sun. The idea is not to look like you have applied anything on your lips (and that is why there is lip balm for men). This is not gay it just shows that you love yourself and you take care of yourself. Give your girl a chance to enjoy kissing your well taken care of lips and also brag about it. A man who can take out lip balm from his pocket and dab some on his lips is one guy who knows what’s good for him.


Wash your face thoroughly…and with a facial cleanser if possible. Like I said before, some soaps could be too harsh for your skin and they could be doing more harm than good depleting your skin of it’s natural moisture content and elasticity. The facial cleansers have gone under extreme research and it is proven that they are good for your skin. They’ve been made to remove the extra dust, oil and dirt that accumulates on your skin every day. Also do wash your face before you go to bed.

Use shaving cream– Don’t use short cuts when it comes to shaving or use only water or soap as your shaving base. Shaving creams have the right ingredients to actually help your skin from the roughness of the blades and they help leave your skin soft and supple. You’ll thank yourself later on in life when your chin still looks smooth and well taken care of.


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