6 everyday male grooming imperatives!

This is no secret —> “Every woman loves and enjoys a man who takes care of himself without having to be told or reminded about it!” Just the fact that you are a man, there are things that you are taking for granted… like not taking care of your skin because that’s a “female thing”. Well, if you want to get to 50 and look 70 while at it, then keep that mentality. But if you want to look younger than you actually are in the future, then you must start now by following the primping imperatives below:


Shampoo your hair– Just washing your hair is not enough and you may also forget that using just soap might not be the best way to go. Most soaps are meant for your body (skin) and not your hair and some soaps are just too strong for your scalp and that’s whyshampoo was invented. Shampooing your hair adds the much needed hair and scalp nutrients that are included in the shampoos and not only will your hair/ scalp look more presentable, it will smell good too.

Things like brushing your teeth everyday after breakfast and before you go to bed should be a no brainer. You will simply be able to escape cavities and gum issues for a very long time.

Floss your teeth – You want to have cavity free teeth, zero gum disease and no need for dentures in the future?…Well then you will be forced to floss your teeth daily. Flossing is very important whether you have teeth related issues already or not. Dental is not expensive and it only takes a few minutes to floss teeth. And did I mention you will have fresh and pleasant breath always?


Wear sunscreen The sun is good but it can be a bad bad agent what’s with it’s dangerous UVA and UVB  light that aid in causing skin cancer. You don’t have to be at the Coast to invest in some sunscreen, even your dermatologist will advise you to use sunscreen every single day of your life.

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