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  1. Avatar brookline April 25th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    wapunguze hiyo rate of interest jameni!!even for those abroad,like germany ´s bank interest iko at the rate of 3% how can we want to do sth where thats soo high??hope theyll do that coz am also thinking of those guys back home working just to pay for their credits.kwanza our banks will collapse in less than 5 years if they wont find another way,just like in america.kila mtu anapewa credit,kila mtu ananunua shamba,with no enough money to pay back,or to be able to finish the projects:ama hata after building,imagine how many pple are many will get the houses fully rented??banks waache kutempt people to take credits.kwanza each year we come home we see the same,same half build houses standing!!men!!wacheni kuchezea minds ya people who dream of investing though mnajua that  isnt possible for everyone.advice people wisely.mtaka vyote hukosa vyote!!if thousnads dont pay mta do??

  2. Avatar Malingumu April 26th, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    This country needs prayer. Banks are on the lose and and are sucking the poor to the last blood.Leaders are not bothered and ready to accept  gifts to drop good course (recent parliament bill on lower interest rate.By Hon Midiwo. What happened ? No wonder they kept on postponing voting on the bill while they negotiate their pay packs outside parliament. Their children will also get eaten by the merciless banks.


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