Avril Lavigne pulls out of A-bomb concert


Canadian pop starlet Avril Lavigne has pulled out of a music festival in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima, Japanese organisers said Friday.

The singer of teen anthem “Skater Boy” had agreed to perform in the city’s 10-day World Peace Concert, which runs to August 5, the day before the 68th anniversary of the first ever nuclear attack.

But the 28-year-old star has informed organisers she will not be playing her July 31 gig, the event’s website said. It gave no reason for the cancellation.

The festival is scheduled to feature composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, singer Saori Yuki and US music producer Quincy Jones, amongst others.

“Through this project, Hiroshima will aim to be a leader in sending the message about the need for a globally-linked sustainable society that presents a new way of living based on true peace,” the website said.

Tens of thousands of people died instantly when the US airforce dropped a uranium bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. Many more died in the months and years afterwards as a result of their injuries or the effects of radiation.

Nagasaki was hit with an atomic bomb on August 9. Tokyo surrendered six days later.

The two cities have subsequently campaigned for an end to nuclear weapons.

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