No luck in love lately? Wipe your dating slate clean!

Are you finally succumbing to hopelessness when it comes to love? Was your last real relationship over two years ago and did it end badly?  Do you feel like you’ll never find someone? And like time is running out and like you might as well take up knitting and learn to love cats so that you can have as many as seven to keep you company while you knit everyone in your life scarves by the artificial fireplace you are thinking of buying since you can’t build an actual one in your rented apartment? Well, there’s really no need to feel that way. Really. No need. The thing is that you may be going about some things all wrong. You will need to wipe your dating slate clean, change a few things about your dating game/strategy and start afresh.

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Tweak your ‘ideal guy’ list

Yup! Stop going for the same ‘type’ of guy.This applies especially if you’ve dated or you’ve always been attracted to the same kind of guy all your life. It might help to write down the qualities of the man that you always find yourself with then do a bit of calibration. Keep only two qualities in that list that you can’t absolutely do without in a man then change the rest. You could be shocked.


Put yourself out there

Make some changes in your life and break away from routine. Go out with your friends more often. Go to the movies alone. Go for entertainment events. Eat out more often. Go on several dates with those people you wouldn’t normally give the time of day. You may be surprised at the strong friendships you create along the way.

If a guy asks you out don’t immediately think of dating him or marrying him. Take things as slowly but surely as possible. Let things happen naturally without you forcing issues.

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