Ethiopian Betty’s “sex act” on Big Brother Africa continues to cause backlash

bba betty bolt sex

Sierra Leon’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s Betty became the first couple to engage in a “sex act” in Big Brother Africa – The Chase.  Sex isn’t really anything new to BBA, many of you may still remember BBA Housemates Keagan and Talia’s romping during The Stargame.

Hailing from Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world and where the majority of the population are Orthodox Christians; Betty, 26, a translator and teacher from Addis Ababa has definitely ruffled some conservative feathers.

Social media and bloggers were set afire, including prominent radio presenters in Betty’s home country, Ethiopia.

Facebook pages like “Betty Didn’t Represent Ethiopia on Big Brother Africa” have sprouted, condemning Betty’s very-open “hook up” on live television.

bba betty sex diff cultures

Fans from the Ethiopian disaspora have also shown mixed support with some feeling ashamed and worried about their reputations as “loose” people. Some comments even go as far as comparing Betty to a prostitute.


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