Big Brother Africa update: Koketso and LK4 sent home

bba koketso

Sunday night’s Big Brother Africa – The Chase live eviction show saw South Africa’s Koketso and Uganda’s LK4 fall victim to the BBA households.

During the last dinner together, The Rubies showed a moment of genuine camaraderie with LK4 praying for those up for Eviction and also graciously appreciating those that he has met and spent time with – staying true to his goal of being “the direct reflection of God’s creation.”

Johannesburg-born Koketso also had to bid her dreams of winning the grand prize of USD 300,000 Sunday night, farewell. An entrepreneur, the 26-year-old Koketso was planning to use her prize money to start a foundation for young girls in her township.

The evicted housemates leave Selly of Ghana and Nigeria’s Melvin as Head of House.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous January 27th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Wow what a match it was, the best match so Far. And on sunday we have the most awaited match of the tournament-Djokovic/Nadal. It will be a true battle of minds between both these players…whoever will be strong mentally will win. Here is an insight into how Nadal can turn the tables on Sunday: Not Tennis Anymore, It’s Officially Battle of Minds – Djokovic & Nadal 

  2. Avatar matsile Bubi August 13th, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Yes LK4 and Koketso fell victim of the BBA households but they are the only one that will be evicted as a couple out of the house, Mad LOVE beverly Selly and Koketso all fell in Love with LK4 so Biggie they have won the The Chase of LOVe


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