Huddah: I have no apologies regarding my BBA decisions

bba 2013 huddah

Kenyan Big Brother Africa representative, Huddah Monroe, held a press conference yesterday to address her eviction. The 21 year old said she had no apologies to make, and neither did she regret any of her decisions. She did, however, regret that Africa did not give her enough time to show the best side of her, for which she apologized to her fans.

As for the now infamous ‘shower hour’ pictures that have gone viral on social media, Huddah expressed outrage at the breach of privacy, and BBA representatives have threatened prosecution of those responsible for publishing them.

Huddah arrived back home on Monday to a warm welcome from former BBA rep Prezzo, who finished in the runner’s up position last season. Huddah claims that she has a special relationship with him. She’s expected to give a battery of interviews to various media outlets throughout the week. Huddah now unfortunately holds the record for the earliest ever evicted Kenyan.

Social media has not been kind to her, with many hateful comments published. In response to that, the socialite simply stated she doesn’t need to suck up to anyone (well, not exactly in those words, but we couldn’t publish the colourful quote here).

Word is out what she plans to do now, but I’m sure we haven’t heard (or seen) the last of Huddah Monroe.

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