Big Brother Africa: Kenya’s Annabel gets close to South Africa’s Angelo

bba annabel workout

Ten days in, during a light work out session on the treadmill, South Africa’s Angelo and Kenya’s Annabel got a chance to get to know one another, and delve deeper.

The pair shared their first impressions of each other. Annabel revealed she thought Angelo may have been a “show-off” or a “playboy” at first.

“I never show-off,” Angelo refuted as he casually walked on the treadmill.

bba angelo

The South African hunk, Angelo, then turned on his charm, and began commenting on how beautiful Annabel’s name was.

“Annabel is a very beautiful name.” Angelo added, “It’s a very very beautiful name.”

Seems like this latest heart-to-heart session between the Kenyan and South African may have been genuine.  Could this be a budding romance?

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: Do you think it was genuine? Are Annabel and Angelo attracted to each other?

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