5 things guys really don’t like to hear in bed!


We recently asked a couple of guys a bunch of really intimate questions. And the responses we got were awkward moments, lots of blushing and lots of revealing answers. Among the questions was “what don’t you ever want to hear in bed while in “action”?”. The responses to this question were interesting. The best five responses that were popular among the guys that we got were:

1. “Honey, I have to pee

This sentence specifically just makes everything go blah! The passion immediately disappears and there’s just no getting back into it to finish the job afterwards.

What the guys would prefer is:

If you just didn’t be the killjoy of the moment and held it in for a while longer if possible. Don’t kill the mood by uttering those words maybe you could say something that sounds a little naughty like “hey honey, I’ll be right back and give him quick little kisses before you dash off to the little girls room.

2. “Hun, do that thing that I like…

Most guys are often left confused because they are not sure exactly what that thing that you like is. There could be several styles, positions and ‘little favors’ that you like and him asking you exactly what you want could offend you.

What the guys would prefer is:

If you could give them a little help with being specific. With a little coy expression on your face you could ask “Honey can you please do this and that (give specifics). I really love it!”

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