7 things women are insecure about


I think it’s safe to say that no matter how confident they are, most women are insecure about a thing or two . . . especially when it comes to dating.  Here are seven of the biggest ones, and what you can do about it.

#1)  That you won’t call

Women are always stressing over whether or not you’re going to call them after a date.  So if you tell her you’re going to call her on Tuesday, call her on Tuesday.

But if that’s just not your style, or you’d like to keep her guessing, don’t give her a definite day when you’ll call.  It’s better than breaking a promise, and it saves her from waiting for your call on a particular day.FIG_430985869.jpg

#2)  That you just want to sleep with her

It’s a fine line: if you make a move too soon, she’ll think that’s all you want. If you wait too long, she’ll think you’re not interested.

The best way to work this one is to just be sincere. If you’re actually interested in a relationship, let her know. From there, she’ll give you the signals to let you know when she’s ready to get freaky.


#3)  That you are dating other women

It’s okay to casually date more than one person at the same time . . . as long as you’re honest about it.  You don’t have to bring it up, but if SHE does, be honest.

But once you start sleeping together, or things seem to get more serious, she might assume you’re exclusive.  So it’s only fair to let her know if that’s NOT the case.

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