• kariuki

    Wenger should not blame Martesacker but his problem is all from Djourou and Miguel,all time with ball plays backward passes creating unnecessary overload to koscielny and Per.His defensive mid had only one player named song.all others were strikers.Ramsey was comletely out of the game causing two goals.
    In my view Wenger is killing Arsenal slowely with his old traditions ,premier league have changed all good players he has groomed has let them go,Flamini,Cesc,and Nasri, left with under performers Djouruo,ramsey ,et al. T^his man needs to go for mature pple who know what they are doing in the field.He need to introduce Chambalain in to field in place of arshavin,. Come next season will play in europa league and the other season will be relegated to division one.

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