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French distillery masters Pernod-Ricard’s latest whiskey gem, The Jameson Select Reserve, was launched Tuesday night at a glamorous event at Club Venom, Nairobi, Kenya. The invite only event featured the toast of Nairobi’s social scene and whiskey lovers, and was hosted by the Jameson Africa brand ambassador, Nelson Aseka.

The event was also attended by Pernod-Ricard executives from around the world, including the Regional Assistant for Africa, Asia, Middle East, Biola Oyeniyi. Also in attendance was John Hoolahan, the International Brand Development Manager.

Guests enjoyed different Jameson blends, including the original Jameson Irish Whiskey and the Jameson Gold Reserve, but the star of the night was definitely the Jameson Select Reserve. Those in attendance got to exclusively sample, for the first time in Kenya, the Select Reserve and compare it to the other familiar Jameson versions.

The Jameson Select Reserve, blend that has a rich and luxurious taste, and is a blend of pot-stilled whiskey – is a rare, small batch grain whiskey that is not present in any other Jameson product.

The Jameson Select Reserve is produced only once a year, and the Jameson distillery is actually stopped for three weeks for the four masters of Jameson to craft it.  The Select Reserve is matured in flame-charred oak barrels for a minimum of ten years.

You can sample the Select Reserve in choice clubs, such as Venom, Mercury Lounge, Brew Bistro, Sankara, Bacchus, Skylux, Beka Lounge, Aqua Lounge and Soho’s. A tot will cost you around Ksh 400.

The Jameson Select Reserve is available in only four other markets excluding Kenya: Ireland, South Africa, Russia and USA. Kenya is the third market where Select Reserve has been launched after South Africa and the United States; with the next launch in Russia.




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