Dude, chill-out, it’s just sex!


My best guy-friend recently met a new lady, someone he likes a lot and has high hopes for. He tells me she’s everything he’s every wanted: smart, stunning, has a clean-heart, funny and great conversationalist. He’s taken by her, that’s clear.

They’ve been only going on dates, casual hangouts, and sharing long conversations over text and on the phone.

I asked him if they’ve kissed yet? I was shocked when he said “No.”

He’s been taking it slow. So slow that my usual charming-smooth-operator-of-a-friend has avoided any intimate sexual contact, including sex with the worry that he may have “performance anxiety.”

“I really like her and I want this to work. I can F*** just about anyone who has a vagina, but this one, I don’t want to just get it over with – I want to make love to her,” he revealed. “What if I mess up, and I can’t get it up?!”

5 Tips to Cure Performance Anxiety


1. Can’t keep it hard for long? Relax: Don’t make it seem more intimidating than it really is. If you’ve had sex before, and you didn’t suck then, you probably won’t now. Don’t psych yourself out. Breathing exercising and perhaps meditation, will help you.

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