Lunch-hour dance parties widely popular, spreading to 55 cities

 dance lunch(Photo: DJ Brandon Lee, Instagram)

Bored, lacking in creativity and stuck behind a desk of work? Lunch hour dance parties are freeing office workers from their desks for a 60-minute dance in the middle of the day.

Lunch Beat began as an underground movement by Molly Range in 2010 in Stockholm, and since has spread to other global cosmopolitan cities such as London, Johannesburg, Seoul, New York, Toronto and Paris.

Lunch Beat parties can be hosted by anyone, as long as they follow the group’s rules: the event remains non-profit, offer a lunch meal, last only 60 minutes during lunch hour from noon to 1 pm, and has to be held from Tuesday to Thursday.

Office workers can blow off some steam and calories, enjoy some great music, and have fun at a midday dance party.

Would you go if Lunch Beat came to Nairobi?

For a full list of events, visit:

HOW MANY CALORIES CAN DANCING FOR ONE HOUR BURN? Here are 9 different dance styles…

Hip Hop – In 60 minutes, hip hop will use between 370 (for people of lighter bodyweights) to 610 (for those weighing 180 and up) calories.

Salsa – Roughly 405 per 60 minutes for someone weighing 140, or around 480 for a 180 lb person.

Ballet – 380 to 450 ballet calories burnt per hour.

Swing – This moderate to intense cardio workout burns between 300 and 550 calories

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