The footwear du jour: The pointy pumps

Pointy pumps are all the rage right now. They are the go to shoes for instant glam. Look at it this way, a flattering pair of heels that has the ability to not only make your legs look glamorous slim but also give you an instant polished look.


These heels should definitely be a wardrobe staple. The best part about them is that they suit every style and every fashionable person can wear them. In fact get them for someone as a gift and they might just worship the ground you walk on forever 😉 .

Wendy Nguyen‘s ( fashion blogger in pictures below) footwear collection is one to lust for. I mean, she owns quite a number of pointy heels and she knows how to work them. Check out some of my Wendy pointy pumps faves.

Pictures picked from


If you a shoe lover, this message is for you : A woman can never own too many pairs of shoes so go on and indulge in this new footwear obsession you have my permission 😉 .

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