Nairobi’s largest burger: Did Susan Wong manage to conquer?

burger challenge

Nairobi’s largest burger, a mammoth of a food monster, stared at me blankly: a foot-tall premium beef burger with 1.5 kg of beef patties, all of Brew Bistro’s 40 toppings oozed out of every nook and cranny, a cone of what seemed like at the time “never-ending” pit of hand-cut thick fries, and a foaming 2L pitcher of beer.  In total, weighing 11 kg, it suddenly dawned on me: How the hell was I going to consume all of that in 60 minutes, and what did I get myself into?


On Tuesday, Mikul Shah, CEO of Eat Out Kenya and I decided to take on Brew Bistro’s infamous BOYB Foot-Tall Challenge, one that has yet been beaten.


Watch how the Man VS. Food drama unfolded… Who do think won?  If you’d like to attempt the challenge, head to Brew Bistro every Tuesday, and see what you and your stomach are made of.


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