5 important traits of good husband material


Your marriage can be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to you but only if you go into it knowing exactly why you are getting into it in the first place. There are marriages that are very successful and while it takes both parties to play their role, your partner choice really matters. Often you will ask a girl to describe her ideal man and you will be likely to hear something about looks (height, complexion etc) and financial statuses. While these are ok things to look for in a man (after all sometimes the heart wants what it wants) they will not make your marriage work!

Judging by the number of divorces and separations growing by the day it is clear that most marriages are not working. Not to be discouraged though there’s a guide to picking a man whose traits will indeed shape your marriage. So if you have a serious boyfriend, do confirm if he has any of the qualities below. Confirm whether:


He is a believer

Give up? Not this guy…he is the tools man with enough hope to cater for a village. In the future, if your relationship seems like it’s losing the sparks he will be there with his tools to fix things. This guy believes in his God and he believes that all things are possible if you believe. He always believes that there will be a brighter tomorrow. He is a fighter and he fights for what is right for both of you. He will never give up on you or your marriage because he believes everything in this life is fixable. His faith gets him through the day and gets him through everything. When he believes in something he goes into it with his whole being and this always works in his favor. The best part about this guy is that he shares his good qualities not just with you as his wife but with everybody else and good morals he does have.

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