Stress sweating a thing of the past thanks to NIVEA

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Leading Skin Care experts NIVEA today unveiled Stress Protect Deodorant, an anti-perspirant with a proven formula that also protects against stress sweating. The development of this product was inspired by a research that BDF undertook world wide to determine what causes people stressful moments in their day to day lives.

With the Stress Protect Deodorant, NIVEA will be the first in the mass market to specifically address stress induced sweat & body odor

“Stress is part of our daily routine – whether it’s a big meeting, job interview or even a date – and perspiration is one of the effects.” The research indicated that stress is the second most important trigger (after thermal heat) of sweating.

Speaking  at the launch, BDF’s Marketing Manager Fred Maina said ‘NIVEA has been playing in the deodorant space for many years. With this kind of experience, there has been a new discovery that there are 2 different types of sweating:


 1.       Thermal Sweating- This is considered normal sweating as a result of physical activities, your body’s’ attempts to regulate its temperature, occurs all over the body .This type of sweating builds up over time.

2.       Stress Sweating- Caused by Hormones in stressful situations, triggered by flight or fight reaction. Leading to stronger body odor, primarily occurs in armpits, forehead and palms at a stronger level.

“With the Stress Protect Deodorant, NIVEA will be the first in the mass market to specifically address stress induced sweat & body odor,” he added.

Despite ranking high in terms of embracing stress, 20% believe that stress can be a good thing. Men are slightly more likely to agree (25% vs. 14% women). The working population tends to be most resilient to stress, as 29% say they work best under pressure, there’s no difference between gender with men at(29%) compared to 28% of women.

Maina noted that this type of stress-induced sweating has a more rapid onset and smells stronger – making it hard to control. “NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant has been specifically tested to combat this stress sweating.”

The Deodorant is designed to protect with a unique antibacterial formula that combines three ingredients – Stress Protect Actives, avocado oil and a zinc complex – and that provides extra protection even in stressful situations and safeguards against underarm wetness and body odor.

The deo is available for both men and women, the formulas are proven – in a specifically designed test method (Trier Social Stress Test) – to minimize sweat by up to 85% and significantly reduce the formation of body odor. At the same time, the formula with avocado oil cares mildly for the underarm skin. It is the first of its kind to be launched in the market and is currently available in leading stores countrywide as a spray, roll-on and stick.

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