Favorite trendy jacket picks

You wake up in the morning and you’d think somebody kidnapped you and  dumped you in Alaska somehow. It is freezing!!! So you pick out a warm outfit and throw on a trench coat and a scarf but then by the time you get to work the sun is out! It gets hotter as the day progresses and you’re forced to take off some clothing (stockings, scarf etc) because it has now gotten too uncomfortable. Gaaah!!! By close of business you have so much to carry. The trench coat and a bunch of other things you had to take off.  I have since learnt though, that instead of the trench coats it is much better and much easier to invest in several cute jackets and blazers.

They are light and so easy to deal with. Throw it on in the morning and when it gets warmer take it off and since it is small enough, you can just fold it and keep it in your hand bag.

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Kim K knows how to dress herself and her jackets always add a pop of style to her already well thought out outfits. Her jackets/blazers choices are always so chic!


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