When to run for the hills!


They say it’s never over until the fat lady sings! But more often than not you will always find that most people leave the theater hall way before the fat lady gets on stage and hence totally miss the cue when the show is over.

This applies to relationships too. Some people don’t know just when to leave a dysfunctional relationship. They always turn a blind eye to everything wrong in the relationship and try to deal with the bad and ugly.

Its not that they fail to see the problem, they force themselves to forget or deal with the bad stuff. However, it has never been right to stomach hurt and pain and lead a miserable life with someone who constantly hurts you.

There are some things you should never let pass by just like that. For instance, if your partner slept with your supposed best friend behind your back…would you forgive that?

There are those definite signs in relationships that indicate that it’s literally time to get your trainers on run for the proverbial hills already:

If he or she is still hung up on their ex!

Clearly, if someone is still hung up on the past they definitely have no space for the future!

If he or she never says the words “I love you”

Someone who doesn’t tell you that that they love you clearly doesn’t love you. If that does not give you a valid reason to dash off to the nearest hill then I don’t know what is.

If the things that used to matter to both of you don’t matter no more. fight3

If you are always looking for an excuse not to hangout together or even see each other then it is written very boldly in the skies for you “BREAK UP ALREADY!!!”

If you can’t be in each others’ company without a gruesome fight ensuing then you shouldn’t be together.

If there’s no chemistry between the two of you. You shouldn’t just stay with someone because they are available and willing to be with you. There has to be some sparks between you or else your relationship is doomed!

If he/she hides you from their friends or is embarrassed to show you off to the world.

If he/she is not there for you physically or emotionally…there’s just no forcing when it comes to some things. Things like forgetting your birthday or doing nothing on those really important occasions is so not forgivable.

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