The worst places EVER for a first date!

-The movies
If you have plans of ever taking your potential girl on a first date to the movies… Don’t! Especially a movie that you want to watch so badly…Just don’t! Movies are perfect for much later. That is after you’ve talked about everything and gotten to know each other a little better and presented the same sentiments towards your likes and dislikes.


-A standup comedy
Everybody has a very different sense of humor and sure as hell standup comedies are not for everyone. Some like us get the joke 5 minutes later and even then we are like… O.o huh!?! She might hate your company a little too prematurely after that.

-Your house/her house
Besides you looking like you’re trying to pull a major shortcut, things will never get as weird as this date in your house. Look at it this way; you are in your own territory and this other person is so uncomfortable wondering why she has to go through this sort of torture and also probably why you had to go with such hideous curtains and furniture and then you may get tempted to show her your bed and maybe get tempted to ask her to feel it after which a slap may or may not happen.

Her house, where she’ll be wondering how cheap you can be or maybe kill her with fret as she wonders whether you’ll like her cooking. Anyway, a first date at either yours or hers is just improper.

-Your folks’ house
Date at the folks’ abode…Awkward much?

Your folks have organized a dinner and you had made plans with your soon to be girl but you can’t get out of the dinner and you don’t want to disappoint the poor lass, so you decide why not kill two birds with one stone and bring her along to your folks’ for dinner. Worst. Move. Ever! She will be very uncomfortable, not knowing exactly what to expect since you haven’t had time to clue each other in on how things are with your folks and if at all your folks won’t like her she will blame you for sabotaging her and then rest assured that she will want nothing to do with you.

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  1. Avatar onetwo May 10th, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    so which are the best places for a 1st date?


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