A Coastal vacation? Here’s what to wear!

Yaaay!!! Don’t you get excited when you hear about vacations? A new environment, what to wear, fun and shopping galore all come to mind.  So how would you style your wardrobe for a vacation to the coast?

** First look is a comfortable look to hit the beach because naturally that’s the first place you would want to go to when you get to the coast. Now we all know the weather at the Coast requires some light attire so here is a little look that’s both fashionable but very laid back and comfy.


**The next look is one that suits your cause perfectly if you may be walking around the town and you want to go site seeing in mind. This is a look that works well with a day out on the town to probably as a tourist and check out the different tourist attraction sites! The bag and the shoes complement each other and make a statement. It’s a very bright and vibrant look!


**You may want to go out and party or just go have a good time with family or your vacay partner. A cute printed maxi dress will do you justice. Carry a sleek clutch bag that brings the whole elegant dinner look together!


**Considering you are on vacation… am guessing shopping is something you would like to indulge in since you will be walking around the town and exploring different places then this look would be it! Comfortable and very chic and stylish! The accessories in this look complete it especially the hat.

Untitled-4**This last look is one that works for some lunch on the other side. Cross the ferry to visit the South Coast if you are on the other side. You may want to have some lunch or indulge in some Swahili delicacy and this is a perfect afternoon ensemble. The laced booties just add a little class to your look.


At the coast you can work anything that says summer and you’re ready for a good time. The one pure trick there is, is to adhere to the weather and you’re good to go.

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