Jua Cali, DNA and Mejja stage free concert

Jua Cali
Jua Cali

The COPA Coca-Cola 2013 games kick off this Saturday with a lineup of major hip hop artistes including Jua Cali, DNA and Mejja. The trio has been practicing to offer a high energy performance to keep fans and soda lovers on their feet

Popular comedian Otoyo will act as MC of the event, which kicks off at the City Stadium at 8am.

Besides football matches, the event will be dotted with foosball, pool ball gaming, football tricksters and penalty shoot outs with prize giveaways in a classic family affair.

This year’s tournament follows a successful campaign last season where the games were activated in over 20 markets in Africa, and 134 players from Sub-Sahara Africa selected for a two-week international boot camp in Pretoria, South Africa.

Since its launch in Kenya over 6 years ago, COPA Coca-Cola has created a huge platform for a large number of young footballers to realize their dream of becoming football heroes not only within their communities and countries but also beyond borders.

Each of the musicians in the line-up is expected to thrill fans with their latest hits, as all released new singles late last year.

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