Truth: Love is so cliché…


As the cliché goes, boy meets girl, boy falls, girl falls even harder, and a whirlwind romance ensues, 3 months, 6 months, then in no time 1 year it is….

Ok, that’s just face value, in that year, cheating, lying, mistrust, revenge and the list of the ugly side of ‘love’ continues…

Though this doesn’t stop the two from professing undying love for each other and even take a giant leap and share a home, in the bid to give the other security, while of course keeping a close eye on their whereabouts and see whether each truly is the one to spend forever with.

Starts off well, with both believing this was the answer, so bliss fills their home for a while; home early he arrives, to find dinner ready, followed by a treat in the sheets 😉 Couldn’t get better than this they think! I mean, though everyone around them believes it was a wrong move, they’re making it work, right?


Until the dates start becoming rare, the talking is too much of an effort after a long day’s work, sex – well – is still good and that’s probably the only reason they’re still holding on. Because everything else about him just drives her crazy!

He’s uncouth, never putting an effort to bond unless sitting by the sofa to watch TV, which is followed by sex? Then there’s coming home late after a night out with the ‘boyz’, and being too drunk to make it to the bedroom, so his slobby self is on the living room couch, farting and snoring!!!

Oh she could go on… But what got worse were her insecurities. She couldn’t understand why he would stay out so late and yet he has this beautiful woman to come home to. This makes her withdraw, and unknowingly, she’s pushing him away…

Now neither trusts the other, because since she went up the ladder in her career and took a more keen interest in how she presents herself to the rest of world, it made him think she must be enjoying the attention of another…

I know all this just looks like a case of miscommunication, which is probably the case, because the two never resolve. Instead they decide to brush everything under the carpet and hope that the space will soon bring the healing.MAN_WOMAN_OPPOSITE_164227607.jpg

DUMB!!! I know, cowardly actually.

Well that’s what happens when a couple stops talking, stops trying, stops appreciating… Then that love shortly turns into apathy, as you both move on swiftly like each was never a part of the other.

Here’s a tough lesson if you can relate COMPLETELY with what I am saying… The more time invested; the more work put into it (relationship), it doesn’t get easier; but you probably get better at it … Depressing, eh?


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