Free your face of pimples!


Pimples: Small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin normally caused by clogged or infected pores. They usually develop after blackheads or whiteheads have become infected. When breakouts of pimples occur often, it is considered acne.

Pimples may come about due to certain causes that cannot be helped such as your genes, increase in production of hormones “androgens” or a change of hormone levels (pregnancy falls in this category), stress, increased oil production in your body and Inflammation of the skin.

Deep fried chicken, fries, chocolates can be yummy but for your skin’s sake they can be done away with. Fresh fruits on the other hand are really good for your skin.

Self inflicted causes: Use of oil based cosmetics (especially when you already have oily skin), use of certain pills, poor hygiene, an improper diet (not consuming the required amounts of minerals), clogging your pores with excess make-up and sleeping with make-up on.

Tackling the problem of acne before it becomes a visible case really helps. And this is not rocket science. It really helps to  keep your skin clean and being disciplined about your face washing regimen.

Here is a list of things to do to keep your skin minus pimples:pimples_644421348.jpg

*Regular skin cleansing will free your pores of unwanted dirt and particles.

Cleanse deeply, but in moderation. Skin experts even recommend that you wash your face with water and mild soap.

Do not switch cleansing products too often as this may cause allergies and other skin problems.

Oil-free and antibacterial cleansers are perfect. There are those made especially to combat pimple outbreaks. Do not over scrub or over clean your face as your skin needs a certain amount of oil to remain healthy. It may cause your skin to become too dry, which then may worsen your condition resulting in another set of outbreaks.

*Avoid squeezing pimples as doing so may cause further infection and scarring.

*Establish and maintain a strict skincare regimen to prevent the pimples from even appearing on your skin

* Drinking the required amount of water daily really helps in cooling and cleaning of the skin hence you keep fresh. Alcohol should also be taken in moderation.

*Deep fried chicken, fries, chocolates can be yummy but for your skin’s sake they can be done away with. Fresh fruits on the other hand are really good for your skin.

* Avoid touching your face with dirty hands, or using a dirty towel to wipe your face especially if you already have pimples. Increased friction on the pimple will cause it to close up further, making extraction difficult. If you keep touching them and bursting them then you are increasing your chances of further infection and scarring..

* Invest in oil-free cosmetics especially if you have oily skin and avoid products with harsh ingredients

* Make-up brushes should be kept clean, old make-up and other facial beauty products thrown out and sharing of personal make-up should be avoided.

*Finally, always remove your makeup and cleanse your face before going to bed.

Pimples can appear on other areas on your body like your chest and back. Early treatment is necessary as this will help to keep them at bay.

If despite all you still want to squeeze the pimples be sure to do so under extremely sanitary conditions.Use sterile materials and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after squeezing.

If your pimple outbreaks recur often, it may be best to consult a doctor for treatment.

In severe conditions, an injection is available from dermatologists called “Kenalog” which is a steroid that helps in clearing the breakout in six to twenty hours.

Remember, it takes a couple of  weeks for a spots to clear out completely, so be patient and just use one product at a time before dismissing any as “useless”. After all, you are the one who will be left smiling and enjoying your beautiful pimple free skin. There is indeed a way out of pimples.

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