Apparently, its a turn-off when guys use emoticons.


When it comes to texting and dating, we’re still making up the rules as we go along.  But, apparently, some rules have already been established.

And that is at least according to a website called, which came up with a list of general rules for texting and dating.  Check it out:

1.)  Sending flirty, personalized texts can be a great way to get into someone’s pants.  But if you’ve just started dating someone new, sending general texts that say stuff like “What’s man-textingup?” can be a turn-off.  In that case, it might be better just to call them instead.

2.)  It’s NEVER okay for a man to use emoticons.  The logic is that emoticons are a little girly, and a little childish.  Guys really shouldn’t be seen as either of those things.

3.)  NEVER break up with someone by text message.  It’s tacky and mean.  Need I say more?

4.)  There’s nothing wrong with sexting, so long as you’re both CONSENTING ADULTS.  But you should know that if you send naked pictures of yourself, other people are definitely going to see them, and the photos may even end up online.

But if you’re okay with that, then, by all means, SEXT AWAY.

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