A bit of class, a bit of chic!


You need to let your true personality shine through. If you’re a lively versatile type, it’s criminal to murder your spirit by over-matching! Uniform dressing is the quickest way to stamp out individuality, while a little risk taking is the sure fast–track towards getting noticed.

Your personality acts as a catalyst that pulls your personal look together. It dictates your style, which is your basic interpretation of fashion and how you like to wear clothes. So, some of you probably already know your style personality, and some of you are as green as they come about where you fit in!

What’s your style personality?

•    Are you constantly changing your look to suit the latest fashion trend, a trend setter AS opposed to a trend follower? Then you’re a creative style personality.

•    Do you choose clothes that get you noticed and sometimes even shock? Then you’re a dramatic style personality.

•    Do you love pretty, flowery feminine details and luxurious fabrics like silk? Then you’re a romantic style personality. shopping_3_117997902.jpg

•    Do you look the same most of the time, simple, well groomed, nothing out of place or shocking, always co-coordinated? Then you’re a classic style personality.

•    Do you dress to look like you don’t really care about the world seeing you unkempt, with messy hair and without any make-up? Then you’re a natural style personality.

•    Do your accessories resemble something in a vogue magazine, fashionable but not overly trendy, and your clothes are understated yet people just remember that you looked good, but can’t always recall exactly what you were wearing? Then you are a City Chic style personality.

Make the most of your style!


–    Wear trousers with tunics and dresses, teamed with a low-slung belt

–    Choose a belt that will make a statement and wear scarves that don’t co-ordinate with or match what you’re wearing
–    Wear a hat, whatever the weather.
–    Add costume jewellery or interesting ethnic pieces as finishing touches.


–    The bolder and more striking your accessories, the better.
–    Wear belts with interesting buckles such as studs, jewels or cut-out patterns.
–    Change your hairstyle regularly, and update your look each season with new shoes or boots.


–    Skirts or dresses teamed with a cardigan or pretty jacket are a great look for you.
–    Wear dangling, detailed jewellery.
–    Always wear a heel, whether on a sandal or boot.
–    Add a flower somewhere; in your hair, on your shoulder, to your bag or even your shoes!


–    Add colored tops to your basic jackets to achieve a more varied look.

–    The quickest way for you to update your look is with a new pair of shoes and hand bag in the latest style.
–    Match your belt, handbag and shoes.
–    A scarf will always finish your look.


–    For work, comfort is still important, so opt for a simple good quality, rather than a fussy tailored shirt.
–    For jewellery, choose natural material such as wood, leather and shell.
–    A rucksack-style handbag or one with a long shoulder strap is best for you.
–    For your make-up, simply add a fresh slick of a natural colored lipstick or gloss.


City Chic

–    Keep your working wardrobe updated with new tops, purchased regularly.
–    Even when it’s not sunny, always wear your sunglasses somewhere, such as on your head.
–    Wear a quality watch.
–    Make a statement with a single accessory; be it a stunning necklace, brooch or beaded scarf.

Take the plunge and discover the real you!






Reference: – Henderson, V. Henshaw, P. Colour Me Beautiful 2006 Hamlyn

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