Your new college wardrobe sorted!

So you’re just about to start college and you’re looking for a new wardrobe. Something classy but still young and fresh!!

* LOOK 1:  Here’s a look that you can pull off any day and it will make you look gorgeous. It’s a very classy look especially for a Monday. The whole Cheetah Print makes one stand out with a blend of an official blazer to match with the comfy white doll shoes!  The tie neck top also brings in an official feel and that is why this look would be most appropriate to start your week!


*LOOK 2: Work a cute dress especially on a sunny day with some trendy wedges to make you look stylish. The brown bag brings in the school-girl feel factor to the look.


*LOOK 3: On a day that you’re feeling chilled out and laid back you can work some nice denim jeans and paired with the black ankle boots you’ll just be the one! The pink animal print bag compliments the top and will leave you looking fabulous. This look also works well when meeting up with some girlfriends later for a good time!


*LOOK 4: Now, you may want look a little bit official but still stylish. Ever tried a bandage skirt and an official blazer? It works perfectly. Mix up the colors, however you please, and you still end up looking very chic.


*LOOK 5: On Some days especially Fridays you can try a sassy outfit like an A-line Skirt which are famous for adding maximum cuteness to your look. To get the perfect trendy look pair it up with some bright heels.  This look screams that it’s a bright day and you’re ready to enjoy and have fun. Yes, you still have class to attend but it’s the end of the week and you want to usher in the weekend with style.


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