Producers defend Jim Iyke role as Jack Zollo


Producers have revealed that auditions for the role of Jack Zollo in upcoming thriller My Life In Crime, started more than three years ago.

Actress Janet Kirina, whose idea it was to come up with the film was unsuccessful at the begin, and only managed to secure funding after working severally on the script with co-producers Neil Schell and Lucy Chodota.

Reacting to concerns by a section of the public on why a Kenyan was not cast in the lead role, the filmmakers say that of all those who auditioned, Nigerian actor Jim Iyke came out on top.

Iyke is said to have even hired an accent coach prior to his audition, and the much touted Edi Gathegi of the Twilight fame did not audition for the role.

The movie – for which shooting starts in September – will be based on three novels that were written by criminal turned author John Kiriamiti.

The filming rights on the books; My Life in Crime, My Life with a Criminal and My Life in Prison have already been granted to Kirina Productions, from the East African Educational Publishers.

Other actors cast in the film include Abubakar Mwenda, Melvin Alusa, and Jeff Koinange.

The screenplay was put together by Loyce Kareri and Serah Mwihaki, who also lent her skills to the insanely popular Kenyan gangster film Nairobi Half Life.


Jim Iyke, who was in the country for the announcement on the film cast, is no stranger to Nairobi.

He has visited on several occasions, more recently to shoot part of his reality show Jim Iyke: Unscripted. Kenyans can watch him on Africa Magic every Thursday from April 18 to judge for themselves if Iyke is indeed suitable for the role.

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