Chico Leco Presents Dinka Translation by Katungulu Mwendwa

chico leco katungulu

Chico Leco Presents Katungulu Mwendwa’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection: Dinka Translation; a collection that takes its main cues from Dinka culture.

Katungulu Mwendwa’s designs are modern and edgy with an almost ethereal quality and are distinctly grounded in her rich African heritage. Her eponymous collection at the GenArt ‘Fresh Faces in Fashion’ show during New York Fashion Week 2012 was met with tremendous praise.

Experience Dinka Translation through the first of 8 short films created for Chico Leco Presents – directed by Jim Chuchu, features models Namnyak Odupoy, Knicco Hodge and Fiona Muthoni and sound-design/poetry by Adeiyu.

For more information, please visit NEST.

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