Nokia rolls out new Camera extras to the entire Lumia range

Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia

Nokia is in the process of rolling out new camera features on the entire range of its Lumia smartphones.

Some of the features being introduced include Cinemagraph digital camera lens and updated Camera Extras with object remover. The features, which are already available on Nokia’s latest Windows Phone 8 smartphones, will now be available also on Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710, 610 and 510.

“Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710, 610 and 510 owners will be able enrich their pictures with increased freedom and fun thanks to these amazing camera features first seen on our latest Windows Phone 8 smartphones,” said King’ori Gitahi, Nokia’s Head of Product Marketing for East Africa.

The new Camera Extras is now available for everybody. Cinemagraph is already available for Nokia Lumia 900, 800 and 710 smartphones. However, Gitahi assured Nokia Lumia 610 and 510 customers that it will also be ready for them in the coming weeks.

The Windows 7.8 software update is rolling out to users now. Keep an eye out for software update alerts on your Nokia Lumia and be sure to accept the update which will also enable these great new camera features.

According to Gitahi, Cinemagraph is like a piece of Hollywood magic in your pocket that lets you bring your pictures to life by animating a part of the picture. When combined with the great new features on Windows Phone 7.8, Nokia Lumia will feel like a new phone with a wealth of new experiences to play with.

Cinemagraph also allows Nokia Lumia users to share these great images on their favourite social media sites like Twitter and Facebook using the site.

The other feature being introduced is the Camera Extras app, which offers Smart Shoot, Panorama, Action Shot and a self-timer. The updated version uses burst mode to take a sequence of photos so you can choose your favorite shot and then remove unwanted objects.

“With these UI improvements, it really feels more like the Smart Camera found in our Windows Phone 8 range. We hope our customers will enjoy these new features as we continue to bring new experiences for all Nokia Lumia owners,” he said.


For more information and tips and tricks on how to use the new camera features, check out:

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