Cubans gawk as Beyonce, Jay-Z visit Old Havana

BEYONCE-JAY-Z-CUBAPop diva Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z on Thursday created a stir as they toured the streets of Old Havana, with hundreds of Cubans turning out to catch a glimpse of the US power couple.

The pair — who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary — visited historical landmarks in the heart of Old Havana, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. They snapped pictures and spoke with local residents.

Beyonce — who sang the US national anthem at President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January and performed the Super Bowl half-time show in February — was wearing a short mustard yellow dress with black and white accents.

After visiting the cathedral, the couple had lunch in a nearby restaurant. Beyonce was expected to attend a children’s theater performance later Thursday.

On Wednesday night, she and Jay-Z had dinner at La Guarida, one of Havana’s most exclusive restaurants.

Americans technically are allowed to visit Cuba, but they are required to seek special US government permission to go.

Thousands of Americans nevertheless visit Cuba every year without US permission, often via third countries. But back home they are rarely prosecuted for their rule-breaking unless they flaunt their defiance of the rules.

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