Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector launched in Kenya

Blemish Balm

L’Oreal East Africa announced the launch of the new Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector at a cocktail attended by media, bloggers, skin experts and fashion stylists amongst others. Kenya is the second country after South Africa where this internationally acclaimed product has been launched.

The event was held at the exclusive Ambience French restaurant/ Aromatic Spa where guests tried out the new product and had renowned make-up artist Muthoni Njoba and her team at their disposal for make-up and beauty advice. BB, which stands for Blemish Balm,combines the best of skincare with the best of makeup for immediate perfect looking skin.

Women no longer have an excuse not to use makeup, no reason to look unkempt! Garnier BB offers women as easy solution to their morning beauty ritual.  Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector, now an international phenomenon.  Kenyan women can now have this wonder product within their reach.

BB will retail across all leading supermarkets and beauty stores from April 2013.

The 5 benefits of Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector are:

  1. Instantly evens skin tone –Vitamin C anti-oxidants and mineral pigments work to immediately unify the skin giving a result you can immediately see on the skin.
  2. Covers lines and imperfections  – hardworking foundation with mineral pigments, gives full day coverage
  3. Illuminates– A balance of Vitamin C, Caffeine and mineral pigments work to brighten the skin giving it a healthy glow.
  4. Moisturizes– Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid combine to double the moisture level on the skin surface and reinforce 24Hr hydration
  5. UV Protection– SPF 15 protects the skin  against harmful effects of the sun
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