Dear Twins – An Open Love Letter to my Boobs

Sarah_Njoroge_2_983895065.jpgI wrote this inspirational letter to my boobies that I like to call “The Twins” after a cancer scare. My prayer is that it inspires all of us to “fight back” and find a cure. Many Hugs to all of you fighting to the good fight.
Dear Twins,

This an open letter to declare to the world my utter love and adoration for you! YES YOU! my perfect 40 DD’s that hang on my chest! Oh how marvelous… how wonderful… how perfect you are! Yes. You…! You know I am talking to you! My boobs… my perfect, larger than life round boobs! You have endured and taken on many names – ‘bangers, bazooms, hooters, tits and knockers’ but to me… I just choose to call you “the twins” Yes! Yes! Yes! Come here you two…! All cute and bouncy! Yes you are! Momma is proud of you! Yes she is! You are my best asset – my twins.

I remember when you first decided to pop out and announce your presence – I was only 12 years old and you did not care – there you were… hard.. Pointy and supple! Mom was so tickled by them and now that I have realized it – very uncomfortable by your presence! – But no… – you were not deterred… there you were… ready to face the world whether I liked it or not! And yes! You continued to grow whether I liked it not! Oooh.. How I hated you!

My love affair with you has been turmoil filled! Don’t pretend not to realize it! You know what we have been through! Let me break it down for you girls! There I was… taking up all kinds of sports and making table tennis captain of the high school team – jumping, sweating… and there you were… swaying and bouncing – never missing a beat. In college – walking down the corridors of my university… trying to get an education… you followed me… getting bigger and bigger! And helping me face those sticky campus corridors! When I had my first kiss – yes him? Remember him? The weirdo that kissed like a tarantula in heat? You persevered girls! You were there for me! – You my loves have been unwavering in your support! You have seen me through job interviews, good and bad relationships, severe weather conditions and never once have you left my side – and for that – I thank you!

But help me out here girls? What’s with all the pain and soreness each and every time Mother Nature pays me a visit? You girl need to know that it hurts? Why do you do this to me?? I have a hard enough finding a bra that fits to support you gorgeous two some! Can you cut me slack here? BUT! I must give you props to you where props are due!

It is easier to get a drink at a bar when we are out and about.. – it’s easier to get off with a warning if we are having a “pedal to the metal” day out in the city – but above all else… we look great in halter tops! Ah! Yes… ladies… you do me good… yes you do! – Now… if only we can work out some deal on staying put when I have a size too small then… you girls may just earn an Oscar in my books for ” best performance by a bountiful two-some”.

Now! Let’s get to some important matters at hand – you girls have taken me down a scary path in the past 7 years getting all lumpy and having me go under to determine if the evil that is cancer had gotten a hold of you! I don’t want to ever go through that again! You know? It was scary, I was frightened, and I …Yes… I that is a strong and solid woman was brought to my knees. For the first time I felt completely out of control! So how about we make a deal uh? You stay perched up and perfect on my chest and I will take good care of you. I hate to eat right… but I will – I hate to exercise – but I will above all else – I promise to be a great ambassador for you girls and all the billions of great cup A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z’s out there single and double digits! Heck! I will take the triples too! – Just don’t take down that road again!sarah_Njoroge_1_953027390.jpg

I am not sure that you know this but cancer has taken many mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends – I have faith that we will beat this ugly “thing” that threatens to make you girls less than perfect, but in the meantime – I thought I would let you know that….

I am proud of you
I am honored that you chose to blossom on me
I will feel you up every month just to make sure that you don’t have any crazy lumps in there

But above all else…..

I am determined to fight for the cure …. I will walk, I will speak, I will write, and I may cry – but I will not give up until you girls and countless of billions are safe and sound.

All of my love,
Your momma

P.S. Promise Momma that you will stay nice and perky even after momma is old and grey… sitting out on the porch guzzling some whiskey and remembering the good ol’ times ok?

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Editor’s Note: Have you or someone you know been affected by breast cancer? Tell us your story.

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